This Is What Awaits the London Terrorists: a Hole in the Ground

-There's no room for virgins, certainly not 72 of them, says gravedigger Albert Ground who prefer not to know the names of the assholes he will bury.

-We basically chuck whats left of them in a paper bag, in no logic order and throw them in. I won't name names, but there are terrorist who are buried in pig shit and vomit, cow piss and you name it...

Albert believe terrorists would think twice about what they are about to do if they knew what really waiting for them.

-There's no kingdom come here. Look at this place, it's not a strip club full of virgins. It's dirt. They check out 50 years too early to experience this...?! 

-I would not sacrifice anything for this. We all have our time, until then, I say lets enjoy it.

Photo Eli Duke