Indian chef use spice to hide bad ingredients

Herbal knockout. -Like I`m not the only one. Look, if I weren`t doing it I would be the only one. Everybody does it. Pakistan, Mexico, Bangladesh... We would never soak our dishes in burning spices if we had the same ingredients as the Italians. Why would we? But we have to. Otherwise nobody will by our food.

-Have you got any idea what would happen to it if we didn`t spice it up? It would get worse. Way worse. Like food poisoning worse. The spices stops it from rottening. It preserves it while it is still bad, before it goes dangerous. Nobody likes a dead customer.

-Look, Chicken Tikka is named after a timer. It never goes off, but oh my God are you close a bomb, tik tik tik tik...

Photo Edsel L