Every Chinese is yellow, but some are more yellow than others

The Communist Parking House in Beijing
Yellow submarine. -We call the Commie Party`s list of who gets perks the yellow pages. When you see party bureaucrats in a high end cars you know their yellow on the inside too, anonymous Cho.

-Some are so yellow they turn orange, or even worse, red. Thats how you know your dealing with a true party rat. The hot dogs of evil. Never turn your back to a comrade who blends with the flag. That`s suicide.

-The Beatles is code for resistance here. It`s the music of the underground. When we sing these songs in China they get an ironic touch like no other satire. Like We all live in the yellow submarine, with an emphasize on we as in yeah right...

-We sing the courus of All you need is love with the nastiest touch of evil. Love is code for party membership. Girlfriend means party brass and so on. Every song ever made get so funny in China. When Rihanna sings We found love it means she found a dirty bastard who steels from the pople who steel.

Photo jiazi