Curtis Mayhem released his most annoying record to date

WMA apology for not providing a better 
photo of Curtis Mayhem, but he tried to 
eat our photographer so the two had to
be separated before she was done. 
ARRRRRGHH!!! -It`s pure bullshit. It`s the most rotten peace of violent trash since Mein Kampf. He only put tunes to it, but it sells says his publisher Aron Moneymaker. -People want this shit. Mayhem wanted a new house, lets make a record. It only takes two weeks. And thats included getting it out there.

-Curtis is a very angry guy. Being around him for more than 2 minutes tests your limits for how much shit your able to put up with. I`m full of shit so I can take it, but even I get too much at times. That how horrible he is. So leaving him alone in a studio with a microphone you know it`s getting dark. You don`t even have to turn of the light. With him there it will be even it`s on.

-I usually tell him to go fuck himself for inspiration. It gets his creative juices going. But I don`t want him in the studio for too long cause he gets darker and darker and there is a limit to how much darkness a human soul is willing to pay for. I find 60 minutes of pure hell is about right. There will always be a few million black souls out there willing to pay to hear someone express whats going on in their "hearts".

-If we make it darker, as it will be if we leave Mayhem in the studio for too long, the amount of people willing to pay for that kind of darkness will decrease. We`re down to murderers, robbers... really bad people. And if we cut Curtis loose and let him make what he really want, he will be the only potential customer. Thats why we take him in a cage to the studio. In fact, he was raised in a cage cause his parents was afraid he would eat the family. Maybe thats why he`s so angry. That`s a great name for a record. Cageboy!

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