The pyramids where storage centers for ancient iClouds

Written in the sky. -It came as a huge shock to all of us. Now we have to rewrite history again. But atleast this time all the information is there so we don` have to do anymore updates, says Giza guide Gizzar.

-We`re really excited to see all the photos, emails, and videoclips from that time. As soon as we figure out how to decode these rocks we`ll upload it on the web for everyone to see.

-All these years we wondered how they built them for no reason. They where never that big when they built them. The rocks grew bigger with the never ending demanding for more storage capacity. They got so huge they build multiple ones to avoid overloading. As the years past by, they had so many they made them offshore in places like Peru to avoid total breakdown incase a meteor hit Egypt.

Photo tom@hk | 湯米tomhk