Action pizza

Trigger sauce. -Most of our customer have no idea this place can blow up any minute. Thanks to a dreadful advertising campaign we are still in business. Every now and then we got a thrill seeker who wanted to test their limits. We had a special arrangement with the Bosnian mafia to cater for their needs, says the manager and money laundrist Stefan.

-Last time they robbed the place, one customer was so pleased he fired 12 bullets in our cash register. The others  didn`t share his enthusiasm and called the cops. It made the national news. We thought that was it, but no, thats when it took off. Everybody wanted a piece of the action pizza. We decided not to talk about the 200kg of explosive hidden in the basement cause it`s bad for business. It would hurt sales. Nobody has ordered or asked what a suicide pizza is anyway. I prey to God 5 times a day nobody will. It would ruin us rebuilding not only our reputation, but the restaurant as well. After 4-5 pizza`s we`d be out of business for good, if we even survive.

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