Oprah left a black hole in afternoon television

The O Factor. -Programming eats up everything we replace it with. It get`s sucked inn. Nothing lasts. It all disappears. How are we going to fill it? How can we stop this vacuum from destroying us? We though the audience was watching tv, but they where watching Oprah?! When she walked away they turned it off?? I never thought of that before, says head of programming at NBC, Larry Stupid.

-We don`t even know what they do? They turned their remotes on us and zapped out without even leaving a note. What can we tell our sponsors? 25 million viewers walked out?! We tried everything to keep their attention. From tri-lesbinans to a bisexual horse host the show, nobody noticed - not even the horse. What is this world coming to? Sanity?!

Photo thebadastronomer