Car Accident Was Act Of Terror

Everything is Terror. -It's all terror, says the Transport Minister in Chile. -It's such a shame. My cousin was such a great stuntman and thrill seeker, there's nothing he wouldn't do to loose his mind.

-When acts of terror take people away from us, we must not give in, we must not change our ways by giving in to fear, then they win.

-We must not make better roads, we must prevail with our ignorance. Thats what terrorists are for and not only do they want the blame, they deserve the blame.

-Critics claim some people are plain nutcases and should not have access to certain things like vehicles or assault rifles, but I say: don't listen to them. Look at all the awful things the terrorist do. What difference does a little extra do? We don't know half the shit they do. So keep calm and carry on!

Photo Ralph Klein