Planking is an old ancient tradition

History group. This is one of the very first plankers back in ancient Egypt. According to legend this guy lay down on an erupting volcano. The most famous plank in history belongs to the Neanderthal who lay down underneath the meter who wiped out the dinosaurs. Sadly there is no recollection of the body. It all went away in the blast.

The old school plankers didn`t snap engravements, run away and publish it on their wall. They did it for the damage. They wanted to die. They wheren`t playing around like kids today. Quality of life was so poor in those days planking was a way of showing disrespect to society and protest against the life they where given.

Cause of the bodies poor state after the plank, each planker had to be preserved before the honorary engravings on the Egyptian wall of fame. Centuries later, when living conditions got better, people forgot about the plankers and mixed them up with mummies, who originally, where large scale diaper users.

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