Osama dumped over Titanic

Fish food. -It is one of the deadliest peacetime disaster of all time and the only place suitable we could think of on the top of our heads. I mean, who wants bin Laden buried in their front lawn?

-We didn`t want to risk having his body floating around or being caught by a fishing boat? To make sure he sank properly we took some precautions during his funeral.

-To prepare his body we stuffed him with explosives like a turkey bomber. Then we laid him in tailor made AMG-119 Penguin missile coffin.

-The original plan was to shoot him into a skyscraper. There where talks about blowing him up in space too. Fire him through a planet and blow it to peaces. It kinda got out of hand. We`re not making Jackass 4 here. Fish food is ok with me, says the general for the super force who took him.

Photo mashleymorgan