Produces opinions to the upcoming election

Scrabble bites. -It`s my job, I put words in politicians mouths. I can`t tell you who, my contract doesn`t allow me too, but if you listen closely to what I play, I mean say, you figure it out.

-I find the scrabble quite helpful when it comes to captivating people`s attention. It`s awkward, doesn`t make sense and totally out of context. Which makes it perfect for politics. Who honestly listens to a politician cause it resonates with your understanding of the world, except for the 2008 Obama edition. Who the hell cares about anything else than entertainment? Have you ever stood up from the coach after hearing a politician and said to yourself. He`s right, I have to do something about this. Scrabble works just fine, says Trumps political adviser.

Photo Chris P Jobling