Global sunshine

Earthburned. Scientists have long mistaken the sun for heating up the earth, while in fact it is earth who heats up earth. Our planet has central heating. Why else would earth be 7 thousand degrees celsius hot in the centre and only 25 degrees on the crust? If the sun was heating our planet wouldn`t it be the other way? Wouldn`t we be deep fried? To prove the point. We all know the sun is hot on the surface, but it`s seven thousand times hotter inside.

Earth is not a dying star. It`s not a planet who will go to sleep in 7 thousand years. It is a sun who has just begun to shine. Like a car it needs time to get hot. Where a Lamborghini Aventador might need 7 minutes to reach top temperature. Earth might need 7 billion years. The engine is slightly bibber. A 6.5 liter V12 is faster to heat up than a 1260000000000000000000.5 liter  V1.08321×1012 km3 planet cylinder.

Most people don`t know that the sun is not a sun. It`s a spark plug under the space hood who`s job is to ignite earth. Those who have realized have been taken recruited to special mental institutions where they are given thought stimulating drugs nutrition to stimulate further discoveries.

Science must be the only field where good timing is a bad sign.

Photo thebadastronomer