The rape fixer

Check out time. Nobody knows his name, where he is or even if he is? Except the powerful few who do.

WMA spoke to the women who knows the guy who has no idea what he`s talking about. He told us to meet mister mysterious at the Shangri la at dawn.

We got there early incase we where late. Beautiful women by the dozens where hooking up with alzheimer`s. Hours went by, days, even months. Who cares what time it is when your surrounded by such beauties.

Before we forgot it, FBI came and ran a guest check looking for a missing mess team. It turned out to be us. Wow, months pass by when your on a hot story. We asked the feds if they knew anything about the rap fixer and they laughed at us. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Then they laughed some more. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Really intense this time.

They handcuffed us into their van, puked and vomited all over us. Farted us in the face and dumped us at the Mexican border with no cash, clothes or pussy. Then they shoveled dirt in our faces until you couldn`t tell what race we where and called the border patrol: "HIV infested malaria refugees are breaking into America to rape our women". And that was all we got to report before bullets came flying our way.

Photo UggBoy♥UggGirl