Arnold reveals he`s the father of 437 love childs in the California area

Leave Arnold. -It was gonna come out sooner or later. I mean, the later the better. Now that I`m done governating I don`t care, says the former Governor. -I`ve had this problem all my life. I can`t stop womanizing. I`ve tried everything, marriage, secretaries, public office, movie stardom, bodybuilding... nothing helps.

-To protect the women FBI is offering the Arnold Protection Program to anyone within a 10 miles circuit from me. From now I will also notify Golds Gym 10 min before I arrive to give women time to escape, but also an opportunity to stay.

-I`m currently trying out a new stealth condom which makes the sperm invisible and impossible to detect, but I`ve tried earlier prototypes before and made the mistake of believing in technology. Kevlar can stop bullets, but it couldn`t stop me.

Photo Caitlyn Willows