Berlusconi sent to the international love court for crimes against marriage

Sex child. According to the indictment, Berlusconi had countless affairs with other women while married. -He pledged guilty, but not guilty and shows no sign of regret. He behave like he`s on a date in court. I guess he doesn`t see the difference since their both in his pants, says WMA reporter Nasty Digger.

His party, Fcuk Italy, has been his base for conquering women and votes. For every women, he get votes from men who wish they could do the same. He becomes a way for them to live out their dream. Sadly for Italy, there are enough men like that to give him majority.

What his voters doesn`t realize is that they vote on the guy who took their women. In reality, it`s Berlusconi who live their dream.

Photo torre.elena