Johnny Depp attacked by real pirates

Motherf@*#er. -We where shooting this scene outside Somalia and son of a #@@&#!!. This lame ass locals stormed us dressed like us. At first I though it was a costume party. Some dumb joke. But they didn`t put down their swords. A guy cut my arm and I yelled "What the f*#%&$ is this???!!!".

 -Two minutes later the Movie Seals came and spray killed them. Body parts was flying everywhere. We got it all on film. Too bad we can`t use any of it cause there where no helicopters or automatic weapons in the time period this film is set. You`re just gonna have to believe me as I tell you.

-I hope the President of the Walt Disney Company approves the footage for the blu-ray extra material. It`s the best acting I`ve ever done. Our crew let the camera go as the seals attacked and I got my hands on a AK-47 and went crazy. I think I killed 20 pirates. For real. You should have seen the look on my face. Blood everywhere. Real Blood! I was so excited. None of this fake shit. Then off course, it was cut out to get the "PG-13 rating". Man, am I going to do an X-rated snuff splatter next!