-Beer helps me focus more clearly on the game

Stadium pub. Fans are gearing up to watch the match at the open air pub. -They can`t afford a big screen tv here, so they planted grass instead. The money ran out when they built the wall, if it rains we have to suck it, says Pete.

-You would think they had space enough for chairs to everyone, or at least be thrilled if anyone showed up. Instead it seems like the more they treat us like pigs, the more we want it. I f@#king pay for this shit. Unbelievable?!

-Thats why I make sure I`m loaded before the game. It`s unbearable. I don`t want to remember anything but the goals and beer helps me do that. 

-The only backdraw is I sometimes think it`s a game on my Playstation. I get so furious when I can`t control the players I get mouth diarrhea. The guard doesn`t appreciate my advise and throw me out of the stadium. If only they could tell the players. I can`t believe they don`t value my expertise. I payed to be here!