Acropolis before they teared it down

Time heals all lies. -It was good for business. People didn`t care about it when it was here. And it wasn`t as fancy as the myths. We had the option to either rebuild it or tear it down. We ended up doing noting. We where too lazy, says the old Greek. Years went by and the place looked dodgy. We organized some people to do maintenance, but they never came.

-It was when the insurance claim came we sat down to create the myth. Cameras where still hard to find in those days, all we needed to prove our scam was drawings and some bogus stories.

-I heard the dinosaur people was up to something similar. They where opening a museum and had their merchandising screwed up by this lunatic designer. But it sold like crazy. In fact the exhibition was so boring everybody went to the gift shop. Then one of the guys went "Let`s redo this" and next thing you know an archaeolog with money problems goes along with finding these "huge skeletons".

-The fraud brokers behind the finance crisis seems to be the only ones who learned anything from our history.

Photo MattJP

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