Ryan Gosling Plans Robbery During Film Shoot

Crimewood. The star of hit movies such as Drive, Crazy Stupid Love and The Ides Of March is tired of Hollywood and has turned to crime to keep his mind busy.

-It`s the same questions, the same screaming, the same boring old cut!... one more time... and action! I can`t keep it up unless I do something illegal. I have to have some excitement in my life. This safety in Hollywood drives me nuts, says Ryan in an interview with Crime Magazine.

-It will be interesting to see how far I can push this until someone sets the foot down. We`ve already had a few episodes where the producers made it clear to the judge that if I leave the set for a few weeks 400 people is out of a job.

-I know of people in the industry who has done this for decades, not cause they want to, but because they can. Thats what separates me from the rest of the stars. I do it cause I want to. I`m not showing off like the others.

-I`m using my fame to launch this side of me. My whole approach to acting is very different. You see, I`m not acting. I`m like this. I`m a son of a bitch in real life and Hollywood seemed like a reasonable place for a guy like me.

-I never understood why so many people are drawn to this profession when they are nothing like what they portray onscreen. Why show everybody you can pretend to be an ashole? I would try my best at being the good guy. I don`t get it...

Photo mimosveta