This Is The Lid China Use To Hide The Truth

-Come... come... sweet truthseeker... come... 
Drive by. A car is standby 24/7, ready to drove down anyone trying to uncover the truth. -They will die a horrible death, says killdriver Hong Hong. 9/10 car accidents in China is not accidents he says. -Their target accidents.

-When a car drives down a curious journalist inside her apartment, you got to understand it`s not a safety issue. Especially not when she lived in the 19th floor.

-When 92 people die in a car crash and there was only two cars involved you got to ask yourself, maybe choosing Volvo doesn`t make a difference.

-I once had a little incident on the highway going through Beijing. It was only minor damage. A little dent on my car, but 2000 people died and none of them had cars. Thats how dangerous driving is here. You don`t even need a car to be killed in one.

 Photo eblaser