Headhunter Killed Candidate For Top Position

Killer business idea. I ran over him with a train... It`s one of those who is a bit difficult to explain. It leaves me in a difficult situation.

-I either have to come up with a good enough explanation or a good enough replacement. I don`t know what to choose, says Heather.

-Off course I do. I just add some sentimentality to make it sound like I care. I don`t. I hired those gooks to get this on camera for my ego album. This is a big one. Train?! Oh my God!

-The downside with a replacement is that nobody have a reason to ask why Mr Taylor is absent. I mean, where is my fame?! So much for nothing. It`s the things you got to live with when you enter the work force.

-There is a 30.000$ intern bonus for anyone who can take down a candidate with an umbrella. The people at human resources are sick. They pay 15.000$ for an elephant. My bonus is in the hundreds... don`t ask.

 Photo Aaron Jacobs