Witness Protection Guy Not Impressed with New Location

Middle class hero. -If I could choose between this or die again.. I think I`d choose death, says former crazy rich Wall Streeter Johnson Blue.

-Second thought I would have spent all my money on the last day. I should have rented a container boat and dumped it it the ocean.

-I couldn`t start another financial crisis. My pals had already done that, bastards. Now I`m stuck in the middle class. Gosh it sucks. How can this be the dream for anyone?

-I never dreamt about being average when I was a kid. I dreamt big cause I was smal and had no boundaries. So when I grew up I had to dream bigger to compensate my growth.

-Would I have done it again knowing I had to give up everything I stole for, my name, reputation and partners in crime and end up in the suburbs of nowhere? Not only would I have done it again. I would have done it again and again and again...

-I would have ended up here anyway. What else is there? Might as well take the fun way.

Photo taberandrew