How China Decide It`s New Leader? Mud Wrestling

-If you can battle the She Wolf for more than 30 seconds
you`re considered worthy for slack ass job in the ministry.
Classless election. The Communist Convention in Beijing doesn`t have to nominate and confirm it`s candidate or agree on a political platform and unify the party like the Americans. They don`t have to do jack shit. Thats why they do mud wrestling instead.

-It`s much more fun. Especially behind closed doors. Then they can go for it in a whole other way than if it was televised. It never will. Mudding men is something you will never see on Chinese tv. Never, says Dr. China.

-But for us on the inside it`s fun. We all know it`s whoever willing to do whatever it costs to become the new leader... who become the new leader. The amount of humiliation involved is paramount. Thats why the position is called Paramount leader of China. It`s the number one humiliated human in China.

 Photo antjeverena