NASA Drills For Oil On Mars

-I get tears in my eyes when I think about how we fooled
the taxpayers of world to pay for this shit. It`s fucking
unbelievable, says Bush Bush.
NASA Oil Program. Curiosity is not there to look for life, it`s there to look for oil, says Texan Oil Mogul Bushy Bush Bush.

-We couldn`t tell the public that we blow 50 billion of public money searching for oil in space. Not with the current finance crisis and ongoing war on terror.

-We had to cover it up somehow. Or spend our own dollars, but that is always out of the question. The trick is to come up with an excuse who is so far off people don`t realize it`s make believe cause their not capable of dreaming it up themselves. It`s beyond their imagination.

-After fiction comes facts, thats the ground rule in leadership. If you understand that sentence you can run any country, corporation or evil empire.

-Remember the first moon landing. It was so mind blowing nobody even thought of asking what the hell for? We didn`t even need an excuse... Those where the days. Armstrong was looking for diamonds. We made trillions on that trip.

-Nobody has yet had the imagination to ask what do we do if we find life on earth. Thats the next one we`ll use to distract people on earth. That will probably keep them occupied for 5 hundred years while we go after the real question. What do we do when we find oil on Mars?

-We move there off course while you earthlings still ponder about the question is there life in space? Why you might ask? Isn't it obvious? When you find out we want to make sure there is no natural resources left for the human race to use.

-I mean, that is the real question. Is there natural resources in space? Off course it is. It`s made up of natural resources. It`s not a question about finding the resource, it`s about figuring out how to take advantage of it, or use it as you say. Now, go fuck yourself before I put you to sleep.

 Photo Idaho National Laboratory