Top Politician Has No Clue What`s Going On

Simon says. -I wake up in the morning and there`s some fucking catastrophe happened who calls for my action and I say to myself why the hell do I bother. This never seems to end anyway. Then I put on my fake smile and tell everyone to calm down. We got the situation under control whereas in real life I have no fucking clue what just happened.

-Just stay serious and everything will work out. Thats the advice my father gave me after 16 years of running this district. What a mess. He knew better than anyone no one knows anything. Nobody knows where this is going. So if I act as I know, people will follow me, cause they want to know and I`m the only one who can tell them.

-It`s the human desire to know fucking everything who opens up for leaders to tell them fucking anything. What harm do I really cause? Would it be better if I told them it all goes to hell? How would I know anyway. It`s all a shot in the dark. Every speech is a prediction s good as the next.

-I`m gonna watch some Simpsons now.

 Photo Sheffield Tiger