Guy Hanging On The Wall, Tired Of Just Sitting There

Mean player. -I`m really tired, tired of life, tired of being tired, yeah… I`m really tired. But I think `m more tired of waiting than anything else. The director said cut two weeks ago and called everybody back in position for another take. Then they left.

-I have no idea where they went. since I was stuck up here I though I might swell eat a lot of hash to ease the time. In retrospect I hope that they came back and did their thing, but I also hope they didn`t let me hang here.

-My problem now is how can I find out without humiliating myself further. At what point can I walk away without shame. If that at all is possible. Could I fake a leg injury and claime wast sums in "erstattining" or can I sneak out of here without being caught on the security cameras.

-This is the challenges a professional stuntman meets in his daily work. It`s all about taking the right amount of risk. Enough to keep your name hot, but not so hot it gets carved in stone. I can probably get 10 years of work outa this if i make through the winter. with my friend Bob the security guard, I can fake my exit and come back in 5 months without anyone spotting it on camera. 

-The Bond movie just got bumped up another 10 million $ baby.

Photo  Dave McLear