USA Shuts Down All Contact With Arabia And Return 2.6 million Muslims

-I`d never thought I`d say this, but fuck it.
Now! In a press conference at the White House President Barack Obama says -Okay, you win, you have it your way. From this day we will pull out of the Middle East and stop all our efforts to spread freedom and democracy in your part of the world.

-"As a result of this, we`ll return the 2.6 million muslims who came here to take part in our prosperity. They will be sent back on economy class with a happy meal from McDonalds and a note "Sorry, we've had enough of this shit."

-As of tomorrow we go back into cold war mode with a polar atitude against each others. It`s us against you. We got nukes to bomb you back to the origin of Islam and you got nothing.

-To the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, sorry, but you have to take second stage now. Pick a side or shut up. To the rest of the world, sorry... we tried... it`s time for real change.

 Photo SpdRacerRVA