Jeff Hates It When His Co-worker Doesn`t Wash His Feet

-Where did I leave my pyjamas?
Dildo head. -I hate that smell. It`s a weird combination of urine and I don`t know what. He must have had a difficult childhood, says Jeff who strongly regret selling his house in Florida and moving to Japan.

-I should have stayed in that dump. When you got co-workers like this, it`s better to be a big fish in a small pond than a little fish in a big pond.

-I could have eaten him if I was a whale or got rid of him if I was the local shop manager, but here I got to swallow his smelly scent every time I breath cause I`m only a fish clerk.

-After a 12 hour shift working with fish and feet I go straight to the saki bar and get loaded. My goal in life is to smell worse than Han Sang and I think I can outstink him so massively I loose my working permit and get sent back to the US for attempted chemical attack.

-I can`t afford the return ticket, I blew it all on porn, all 7 million of them, so this is my only hope. Winning the lotto can be a curse, especially when you`re like me, 65 years old with no responsibilities. It`s a dangerous age cause we don`t give a fuck. What do I got to lose, bitches!

Photo octal