It`s Better To Be Eaten By Shark Than Bear

Teddy shark. -You don`t have to stay awake for the digestive process if you get taken by a shark. Cause you a likely to drown before that happens. But with a bear there is no water around, says Bear Hunter Hunter Bear.

-People ask me if I do what I do cause of my name. I ask them in return what came first, the egg or the chicken. Then they get confused and leave thinking I`m crazy and they never try to establish contact with me again. Never.

-It`s complete isolation. It came to the point where I had to stop say it`s compulsory to leave my hometown with a rifle. You are by law forced to bring a weapon with you if you leave the village. Not even in Texas are people forced to arm up leaving their house. But we are where I`m from. When I said backpacking, the police would always show up within 10 minutes for a talk.

-But you know I`m a social guy, so whenever I got lonely or bored with the people around me I would bring it up. I still do to this day, but it`s not so effective now, cause I`m in jail.

 Photo mikebaird