Iceland Is Developing Nuclear Weapons

Iceland, the next Afghanistan.
Nuclear volcano. -We need them to bomb the volcanos, says Iceland`s defence minister.

-Unless the world wants another flight strike caused by ash we`re going ahead with our nuclear program. Off course we can stop it, but then the world has to live with the possibility off a natural bomb ging off causing destruction to the world economy.

-Our intentions is purely peaceful, I can assure you it has nothing to do with our devalued currency or the saving package we got after the financial crisis who has left us poor out of our houses while you son of a bitches live like kings down in Greece and Spain.

-Do you think it`s fair that we`re the only one who make up our bill? Do you think it`s fair that we`re the only country besides Lituania who pay the price ourselves? Do you seriously think we are going to sit and watch Greece and all the other shit countries let others pay for their fuck ups? No way Jose.

-This bomb is to blow Greece back to Utopia and set a new standard for world piss. This is fucking bullshit. Either clean up your own shit or we all go to hell. It`s no one or everyone.

 Photo Danny Nicholson

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