Rich American Ate Denver At Political Rally

It`s hard to imagine this being digested in some rich guys
The Hunger Club. The unknow multi trillionaire billionaire, referred to as mr Huge, decided to attack the voters instead of the opponent in the upcoming election.

Attack adds aren`t the same. Huge spent gasillions of dollars to get rid of his hate candidate in the previous election. 10 years ago that would have worked. Now he needs bullets.

If he can`t buy his pocket candidate into the White House, mr Larger Than Economy is prepared to use weapons of mass eating. A real smörgåsbord of violence.

-If I reduce the number of voters down to one - ME - then I know for sure I get my puppet in the WH or doggie house as I like to call it, says the shy city eater in a press release to funeral agents nationwide.

-But I don`t think I can do the whole country by myself. I need help from the other anonymous SuperPack donors from Hell. 12 would be enough. Like the last supper, where our Jesus President understand we all betrayed him. Hah hah hah!

 Photo Jeffrey Beall