Carpenters Happy They Can Fart Outside

We get storage problems in this line of work cause we bend
over so much. The lid goes off either we want it or not.
Fartnugget. -There are days when I am relieved to work outside. Yes, thank god. There are certain days when you call in sick cause you know you`ll loose the job if it`s indoor. You just pass too much gas, says fartpenter.

-It`s an untalked about problem among builders. We sometimes loose clients cause we fart. The owner is not used the hear our body perfume, neither the scent and calls for a less smelly guy.

-Someone who doesn`t fart so much. Someone who can pass gas without having to tell the entire area "Hey, I stink". Someone who doesn`t have the need to mark the house when he walks into it.

-Someone who doesn`t make the whole place feel like a garbage dump cause he farted too much. Someone who doesn`t change the color on the walls with his stink bombs. Someone who`s farts doesn`t set off the fire alarm. Someone who at least admits it was him when you`r stuck trying to explain the fire fighters what happened.

-Someone who doesn`t just walk into a McDonalds, farts and walk out. Someone who doesn`t try to fart his way out of every situation. Someone who admits he has a fart problem and attends Fartoholics Anonymous meetings, although it is hard to stay silent and secret. Discretion is not the word here.

-Someone who has the balls to stand up and say "Let`s fart together, let`s put down our cheeks and fart. Why make war when we can fart?". Someone who has the guts to say to all human kind: "We stink! Your smell might be different than mine, but it`s all shit. Their awful. We have to respect that awfulness in each other".

-And "You have to learn to live with my sacraments and I with yours. First then, can we live in stinking piss, shit and fart. That is the one thing we all have in common. Whatever it is that we do, it all ends up in the loo stinking like dead frogs".

Photo CarbonNYC