Strippers Enjoy Fire Stations

Fire down below. -We particularly like to put them up on the totem pole and see them come down to earth again, say Fire Marshall Hunter Horny.

-9 out of 10 emergency calls is false. Usually we charge 500$ for a fake emergency, but if you want to call it in from the station it`s 5000$.

-The fake call inns are so popular we put together a unit full of female strippers to cope with the heavy demand. They have call-outs to birthday parties, bachelor parties, divorce parties... The Strip Brigade is very popular.

-Sometimes it gets so hot where they are the real alarm goes off and we have to send a second team to cool off the place. We even had the alarm going off here to, at the fire station. The next district came with their troops and it turned into the biggest wet t-shirt competition ever.

 Photo gojeffrey