The Paramount Leader Of China Swops the Red Button with a Fun Button

-What do you do? You run the worlds most powerful
country and one day you wake up yourself asking
whats in it for me?
Fire control. The old red button, which was hooked up to the atomic arsenal, ready to be launched anywhere in the world within zero hours, has been replaced with a more appropriate approach to the world.

Paramount himself says he had a moment of truth where he realized the old button had a negative world view attached to it. -It wasn`t much space for negotiation or fancy diplomacy. We have diplomatic relations with 171 countries now, we can`t blow them up. Some of them would definitely go down in the bang if we launched our rocket supply.

-It was when the military leaders told me it didn`t matter which direction they sent it, the damage would be so massive you could not tell one from the other, I understood the need for change. We might need the natural resources in the area. Power is nice, but money go first.

-Therefor I had the entire nuclear program replaced with Chinese fireworks. The moment I press the fun button, the entire world turns into new years eve. It`s really cool. We got 4000 giga ton of heavy duty fireworks ready to be launch all over the world, space and the freaking universe. It`s massive!

-The only backdraw is that the fireworks comes with a due date. It has to be used within 2 years and I`m soooooo loo@*%&#$%king forward to it! Arghhhh!

 Photo hodgers