Angry Demonstrator Has Waited His Whole Life For This Moment

-Here goes nothing...
Rage against the world. -I studied opera in high school and went on to a career in unsuccessful pop groups. It all builds up to this moment. It`s like it all makes sense now. I was made to screw up.

Looking back at his life, he suddenly realised in a deep moment of truth, it was not Americas fault that he had completely fucked up every opportunity he ever had.

It wasn`t Americas fault he digged into drugs for 6 years. It wasn`t Americas fault he left his wife with 7 kids and it wasn`t Americas fault he didn`t get a chance in life. It was Libyas.

-It really fucked me up cause for the first time in my life I was speechless. I had no anger to spit out. I had nothing to do in this rally of hate. I should really get my shit together, find a job, go home to my wife and ask for forgiveness. But was I ready to leave my mob and look like a female man? No fucking way in hell. I`d rather die a pussy than be a man with balls.

-Luckily for my surroundings I had forgot to change the batteries on my speaker. So they didn`t have to be disturbed by my horrible voice. It really sucks. It`s a reason I never made in the Arab pop industry. That vocal style really sounds like crap so imagine how horrible I am. I really scare people away with my voice. Which is why I in another moment of truth realised I had found my place in life. I had finally found my destiny.

Photo David Reece