Drug Cartel Hired To Smuggle Common Sense Into Bullshit Dictatorships

Axis of information. The former death sentence guys got released from death row if they where willing to risk their life in duty serving the common sense of human kind.

Surprisingly, the content of the delivery package had no negative affect on the guys. The United Nations, who`s behind the operation, where surprised to learn they did it for the risk, not the cash, the pussy or the blow. They where in it for the action itself.

What better than to let them out again. The Info Squads first assignment was to smuggle a hole library into Beijing. 10.000 books of regime free information. The second assignment was to remove all the porn from US libraries and the third to install a bridge on the moon.

-Why are we doing the bridge thing? asked Bobby, the 200 pound gorilla member of the team. -We where just testing if your paying attention. We can`t have dumb people operating in this unit, but we need you too be dumb enough to do the shit we ask you. So a no question would also be acceptable, says IQ Operation Headmaster.

The requirements to join the squad is that you have read one book in your life or at least looked at a book, but not too many. -We don`t want smart asses here you start complain about overtime or workers rights. We`re fighting for human rights here, we don`t have time for shit like working conditions.

Photo Mike_fleming