Korean Central Television Needs 7 Microphones To Pick Up His Voice

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One World One Television. -Most foreigners think we do this to look important, to make the impression lots of tv channels broadcast this, but the fact of the matter is that 5 out of 7 will always be broken and we never know which onces, therefore we mic the hell of of it, says sound engineer Chin-mae who got his education in the 2WW.

-Thats the last time anyone could learn about sound here. After that war it all disappeared, there where even talks about removing people`s mouths. The idea was that if we couldn't speak we would be forced to use our ears more and discussion, debate and opposition would cease to exist. But we needed to eat, otherwise nobody would listen, so they let us keep our mouths, which is kinda ironic cause there`s no food here.

-And you wonder why our space shuttle failed to take off?
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