Gary Dourdan Asked To Leave Real Crime Scene Investigation

-I just want my job back, says Gary who
left CSI at the beginning of season 9. 
SIA: Star Infected Area. When his neighbour got caught up in some shit and the Police came to the rescue, CSI actor Gary Dourdan was asked to leave the crime scene cause he messed up the evidence.

-He was touching everything and gave directions on how to behave and shit. It was sick. We told him, if you don`t leave soon we`ll charge you for tripple murder cause you have left so much DNA here it beyond dumb, says officer Scully.

-At first he agreed, seconds later he turned famous on us "But I`m a method actor, I know this better than you. How can I play you if I don`t know what you do. I did this for 8 seasons, mam. Leave it to the pros."

-We had to call in the Star Squad, the famous Hollywood Heros who disables egos. It only took them 50 seconds. After that Gary Dourdan was just Gary with pee in his pants.

 Photo mmccurdin