Chelsea Graffiti Artists Aren't Like Other Street Artists

Chelsea Toosball Club. -Can you shut up please, I try to concentrate here, says Graffiti artist Aron King to an old lady yelling for help.

The lady seems to have fallen over and begs Aron to call an ambulance: -Can you please shut up. I`m in the middle of something here.

A bypasser helps the old lady and gives Aron a nasty look for not helping. -Are you gonna start too now. Oh my God. As if the old bitch wasn`t enough, young mr nice guy is gonna rub it in. Go f#%$ yourself, sir.

Minutes later the police pulls over. -Thank God, I never though you`ll come. You never do. Can you please remove young frankensmiley and that old hag so I can get some work done here. I`m an artist! I want some respect, God dammit.

The Police Officers asked the kind man what had happened here. -Are f@#&*#" kidding?! Are you never gonna shut up? Do I have to listen to your jada jada jada jada all day now?

The Police Officers turns to Aron and tells him to keep quiet. -So your the boss now? Are you out of your mind? Who do you think you are? The Law? Hah! I do the talking here and I demand an explanation. Why can`t I get some silence!!!

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