Instead Of Showing Off Their New Economic Power With A Space Program, Brasil Launch Earth Program

-We are the new Las Vegas, but for real.
There is no fake shit here.
Clitoriosity. -Before heading into space I suggested we should take a closer look at earth first and see if we are done here. It`s basic knowledge you finnish one thing before you start another project and we quickly realised there is so much here that need our attention way more then a spacecastle, laughs Brasil`s President Dilma Rousseff aka Cleopatra.

-People have forgotten to have fun. All this focus on crisises, either political, financial or natural. I say, deal with it. It`s part of life. If you can`t handle it, then don`t. If you do, like us, come on over. Life is not pre designed to go smoothly. Thats why we have arms and legs. Their there to move around in a rocky environment. See what happens to people who have everything they need. They grow bored. So I say, lets party.

-Come to Brasil, here you can smoke, drink, dance, spend cash, on everything you like, until the sun goes down and the sun never goes down in Brasil. Feel good about wasting some time under the sun. Forget your kids. Spend your money on yourself.

-Quit your job. Get a divorce. Sell your house. Sign up your kids as organ donors and come to Brasil. Bring your friends, your rich friends. Leave your poor at home and forget about them. Forget about the future when you have spent all your money on bullshit. Forget that and live in the now. You know why? Cause it`s worth it.

-Your leaving this planet once just like the astronauts, but your not coming back. So instead of supporting NASA, join Brazil`s Earth Exploration Programme BEEP and discover what life is like on this planet.

Photo Agência Brasil