0 Of The Argentinian Football Fans Returned To South Africa

Ticketmaster. Tourism from the South American continent dropped with 500% after brazil and Argentina where out of the tournament.

-We spend our dollars elsewhere. We`d rather spend them in England than use it in South Africa. They can re-install Apartheid for all we care. I don`t put my foot there again ever! says Hoel who claims he doesn`t remember the game at all.

-Who says South Africa hosted the World Cup. I never saw no world cup in South Africa. I saw trees and bushes.

-Yeah, they never had the game. It`s fake as the moon landing. Think about it and you realize it`s even more unrealistic. Sure, says a drunk guy who wants attention.

The Argentinian Department of Make Believe informs that only 5 Argentinians go there on holiday in the first place and rightfully so. -Why would they want to go somewhere more violent than home?

-They would not go back even if they won. They would have gone to England and celebrated infront of Buckingham Palace until the end of days.

-Most of them went somewhere else or stayed at home... They didn`t even think about it, confirms DMB.

South Africa is by no means angry about the situation. -We sold a lot of tickets. A lot!

 Photo Richard_of_England