Hitler Turned In His Grave When He Heard Israel`s Prime Minister Talk About Bombing Iran

-Sometimes, when your making a huge turnover,
you got to get dressed.
Until life do us part. -What? The Jews attack us? The Jews using the bomb on us? The poor uneducated muslims? Those neanderthal monkeys? The three bashers? The clothes hangers? The human looking non humans? Why?

-Am I still buried on the same planet? Did somebody move my bunker to the moon? I heard they made a good movie about it. Hehe. If only...

Apparently the Führer has turned around quite a few times in his grave over the years. At the end of the cold war, any war really and when Apple launched iPhone 5.

-What? Are they getting this with an A6 chip now? Where is this ending? Are they trying to build the Third Reich here? I tried that. It failed. Try something else and don`t get nearly everything right. It makes me look so awful.

-I could have invented Apple. If I only had Steve Jobs. Damn you Steve. You came to late. I could have been really popular. With that legacy everything is forgotten. It`s too much cool stuff in there to be rejected. 

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