Hitler`s List Denied Filming In Auswitch

Dark humor. -You Americans take yourself too seriously. It`s only a comedy. Like a Hitlerish Life of Brian. Come on, jugend says the Arabic film director Ali.

He admits it`s a long list to film. -We though after 2-3 million deaths we might have enough, but we don`t. It`s something about the Jews. We never get enough.

The film is a loose adaption of the Prophet Hitler and his journey through life. -He wrote the Bible Mein Kampf, he became a leader among men and did a lot of things we only dream of in the Middle East.

-None of us would have the balls to declare war on the world. Maybe fly an airplane toward a building or two... It`s so tiny compared to Hitler. We went against Sovjet Union, United Kingdom, France, USA... what was he thinking? What was he thinking?

-We find it funny. We don`t have the same relationship to WW2 as you. To us it`s something that happened  to some other people far away we had nothing to do with. First time I heard it I LOL'ed it. I could not believe it. I mean, we got to make a move about this man. What was his name again? Hitler? F@#k me!

 Photo cesargp