UK Fireservice Like To Give The Little Extra

Fire Dept on fire. -We always try to put it out with the tires first. If that fails we jump out and use our butts. It`s a crowd pleaser, especially when we fart. It`s that little extra that distinguishes us from the rest. We deliver the goods or...  Gods, says fire marshall Thunderstorm.

-Some of our men has put out fires with their elbows. One guy, bless his heart, dressed up as Batman and got shot by the Police. We don`t talk about that.

-People like us so much we randomly break into houses in case of fire. It`s always better to be famous than sorry.

-We get a lot of applications from former wrestlers and psychiatric patients these days. It`s sad, but I have to tell them we don`t redo fire scenes and you can`t work here from the psychiatric ward. You have to choose either patient or firefighter. But you can be allergic to water. That is negotiable. We got powder.

Photo spencer77

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