Superhero Movies Must Come In Paralympic Edition

Retarded Batman. Every film containing characters with unrealistic human abilities must now come in a disabled version to level the playing field.

-It is not healthy for our culture that we think only the normal can do unnormal things. We must admit that even unnormal people can do unnormal things, says the Motion Picture Association Of Bulgaria in an international press release to the public of Slovenia.

-Why do they think they have to tell us how to rate movies, says the Slovenian film bureaucracy?

-We are bigger than them and they need to be reminded every now and then replies the MPAOB.

-Last time we taught them how to sing their national anthem the right way. Before that how to tie their shoes and wipe their asses. I feel like we`re on to something here. Do something good for society. Like a rat pissing in the sewer for a change.

 Photo giant mice kill rabbits