After Working Together For 10 Years Tim Noticed Something Was Wrong With Otto

Airheads. -I guess I was to caught up in myself to look over my shoulder. I wanted to impress the girls so I paid more attention to my clothes than my co-workers or the job for that matter. God knows how many patients we lost, says Tim.

-The awful truth is he made me look like a dork all these years. My effort to dress good only made it look as if I was part of his prank. Like a cartoon character out of place. No wonder I never got lucky.

-It turned out Otto suffer from the same disease as I, inflating ego. As a matter of fact we are brothers. Can you believe that? I couldn`t cause I hadn`t noticed him before. I thought I would, especially since we are twins, but I had no idea I had a mother either so it makes sense in some weird fucked up way.

Photo Herts Air Ambulance