In Quiet Moments Mitt Romney Wish He Was Chinese

-I auditioned for the first James Bond movie. I
even got the part, but I couldn`t bring myself to
play a secret agent. I needed the public affirmation.
Votefall. -It`s easier to kill your way to the top. Convince people takes forever. And the more dummies I meet out there I think for myself "You need to be ruled by force". They don`t deserve me, but this is where I`m born. I try to make the best out of it. Both for me and my friends, thinks Romney.

-If this was Italy I could have flashed my buttocks and won the election. In France all it takes is dip your penis is mustard. Why did I have to be an American?

-Why couldn`t I be raised in China and spend my campaign money on an army with my name on it? Wait, thats what I get if I win. Maybe there`s some Chinese in me after all. It definitely is in my house. Economically speaking I spend more dollars on things made in China than America.

Photo Austen Hufford