Frank Prepares for His Business Trip To New York

Poor dog. -I love NY. I love it more than my family. I would love to go there any other time, included x-mas eve. But not now. I don`t love it more than myself, says Frank to himself the day before he gets on the plane.

-Please, let the hotel or the business partner be part of the destroyed area. God, I beg you. I know I have never prayed to you before. I`m shy, lets put it like that. Okay, I was loaded and I didn`t need you. But what money can buy me out of this?

-If I don`t go I loose face and if I go I might loose my life... Wait, why would I loose my life now? The storm is over. I`m just making up this shit cause I watched the news and want to be part of it.

-If I fake my travel date I can. Two days more or less, who cares. The data is all gone anyway. Who could disprove me? My family? No, I wasn`t with them. I was with two hookers while they thought I was in New York at... my business trip. Jippi!!!!!

Photo twfrench