Little Girl In Pakistan Not Impressed With The New Crystler 300 C Luxury

-It`s not a car for families who want to do honor killings.
Roadkill. -I don`t think it`s any Luxury at all not being old enough to buy or drive it. Quite the contrary. It adds insult to injury.

-When am I ever going to afford one, or drive one when I can. I`m stuck in the dust. The question for me has always been, "How easy it it to break into". "Is there any money lying around". "Can anybody drive manual?". Can I sell it at the black market?

-These are important criterias when you judge a car in Pakistan. Is it god for giving birth? Can you fit a human body in the trunk? Does it come with a showel? Is the owner an important person? Can he disappear without anybody asking why? How hard is it to place an explosive devise underneath the car and how certain can you be the driver dies?

-You see, we`re not interested in Volvo`s. They`re safety focus works against our purpose. Our aim is to kill kill kill and Chrysler is not up for the job.

 Photo srizki