Home Made Space Program Shows No Promise

Jerkometer. Kathy regret she married the space nerd. She took it for granted he knew what he was up to. He looked like a nerd and did the whole nerd thing infront of a computer so convincing she believed he was a genius.

-He told me he was building a space shuttle. It never crossed my mind he was doing it on his own. I thought it was a team effort, but the more I think about it I realize Tim is not a team player. He`s not a NASA programmer either. He`s a jerk.

-I`ve never been tricked by suck a loser before. The guys who try to get into my pants are usually huge liars and very easy to reveal. But Tim was such a looser to begin with. Smart is the only thing he could use to impress women cause he was so dumb.

-I should have checked his Harvard credentials. He was smart for a dummy.

Photo SanFranAnnie

Most Humans Still Alive Half Way Through Trumps Presidency

-Humanity will survie Trump, says Ali Baba junior, he got less than 2 years left, there's not enough time to kill 7 billion people. ...